Initial Consultation
The initial consultation consists of an 90 minute evaluation appointment. During the initial meeting, Dr. Kavirajan will conduct
an in-depth diagnostic interview, tracing the development of current symptoms, reviewing psychiatric and medical history,
examining available test results, and exploring relevant psychosocial factors such as important relationship, work factors and
life stressors. In general, by the end of this consultation, Dr. Kavirajan will be able to formulate a preliminary, individualized
treatment plan. However, in some more complicated cases, an additional 50 minute follow-up meeting may be needed to
complete the assessment and formulate a comprehensive treatment plan.

The fee for the 90 minute initial consultation in the office is $5
75 (CPT code 90792).

Psychotherapy alone/Psychotherapy and medication therapy
Psychotherapy services include structured cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) approaches specifically tailored for a variety of
disorders such as OCD (exposure and response prevention, or ERP); hoarding; skin picking/trichotillomania; panic disorder;
depression; bipolar disorder; ADHD; anger management; insomnia. The most effective treatments involve a collaborative
approach between patient and therapist. Patients are encouraged to use specific therapy workbooks, written by leading
experts, which reflect scientifically validated approaches to treatment.

Some clients may not be diagnosable with specific disorders, but nevertheless experience problems in work or relationship
functioning for which they seek assistance. Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy may be helpful even in these cases, though
individualized application of other approaches such as psychodynamic or interpersonal psychotherapy may be needed.

The fee for 50 minute combined medication/therapy and only psychotherapy appointments is $3

Routine medication therapy
Medication therapy attempts to correct disturbances in neurotransmitter (chemical signals used by brain cells to modulate
brain activity) associated with various psychiatric conditions. For some conditions, such bipolar disorder and schizophrenia,
medication treatment is a central component of treatment. For others, such as OCD, depression, and ADHD, medication
may only be necessary if the condition is of moderate to high severity, as patients with mild-to-moderate symptom severity
may be able to achieve adequate symptom relief using cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Medication therapy appointments are focused on tracking target symptoms and side effects as well as other biological factors
impacting symptoms. It is important, however, to review relevant psychosocial factors as they may impact symptom severity
even in patients on medications.

Follow-up visits for medication management (CPT code 99214) are 20-25 minutes long, and the fee is $200.

Complex medication therapy
In patients with complex medical or psychiatric conditions and dementia, the routine medication therapy appointment may
not allow sufficient time to examine symptoms, discuss medication side effects, and consider other relevant medical
conditions/drugs or situational factors. In such cases, some or most follow-up appointments might require the 50 minute
duration in order to review necessary information, update the treatment plan and address questions/concerns regarding the
treatment approach.

Home visits
For some conditions, such as panic disorder with agoraphobia, certain types of OCD, hoarding, and dementia, it may not be
possible for patients to come to the office for treatment. In these cases, home visits may be necessary.

Fees for home visits vary with location/travel time. Approximate fees are $850 for initial consultation and $450 for follow-up.

Dr. Kavirajan is not an in-network provider for any private health insurance plan or Medicare. It is expected that fees will be
collected at the time of service. Payment can be made using using cash, checks, major credit cards, and Paypal.

For patients with PPO or traditional fee-for-service insurance plans, it may be possible to recover some or most of the cost
of treatment from the insurance company. Patients with such plans are encouraged to call their health insurance plans to
inquire about how this reimbursement process works. It may be useful to mention the specific CPT codes and fees listed
above for the various services in order to get an accurate estimate of the amount covered by the insurance plan.
If requested, a statement, or "superbill," will be provided for you for submission to your insurance provider. In general, after
follow-up appointments, these documents will be available at the time of payment. The superbill for the initial visit may not be
available until the first follow-up visit because there may not be sufficient time during the first meeting for the form to be


Dr. Kavirajan performs capacity evaluations involving persons with late life cognitive disorders. This type of assessment is
typically requested by an attorney in cases where there is some uncertainty about a person's ability to make informed
decisions about trusts and wills due to a possible cognitive disorder.

In these cases, Dr. Kavirajan serves as an expert consultant for an attorney or court, rather than as healthcare provider for
the subject of the examination.

The usual hourly rate for forensic services is $700/hour.